Turkey Attack

Turkey Attack

Turkey Attack is a free Flash shoot'em up game on Thanksgiving Day
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Turkey Attack is a free Flash shoot'em up game developed by Ultimate Arcade Empire Inc.
It is Thanksgiving Day, and you, as a pilgrim, will have to shoot all the turkeys trying to hurt you. You will aim your gun using the mouse, and you will shoot them by clicking on the left mouse button. The turkeys will walk towards you - it is important to kill them while they are still far from you, otherwise they will hurt you, and that will eventually make you lose a life. Some turkeys will be wearing a suit of armor, and they can even shoot at you. You will need to shoot them twice to kill them - a first shot to wipe away its armor, and a second shot to finish them off. You can kill even those turkeys carrying a white flag, though they cannot hurt you. Every turkey killed will give you points, and become a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Nevertheless, if you lose all your lives, you will be served for dinner instead!
Every shoot that does not kill a turkey and hits a house or a tree will destroy parts of them. Thus, your town may become a heap of ruins after many unsuccessful shots. However, that will not have any effect on your score.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free.
  • It is addictive.
  • It has nice graphics and sounds


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